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How to read the camera manual

A few days ago, I published the post about : Read the manual for your camera/gear where I was encouraging you to get familiar with your DSLR and learn every feature/control of it.

I was reading last night a few tutorials on my iPhone before going to bed (and yes, I keep reading tutorials and posts about photography since I am convinced that the learning should continue everyday of our lives) and I found a quite nice article about How to read the camera manual on Nikon website. I know, I know, that I am a Canon guy (as explained on my previous post) but concepts about photography are universal and I am not blocking myself to Nikon website tutorial where I found very interesting articles.

The article about How to read the camera manual, explains that we shouldn’t read the manual as a novel from cover to cover instead we should be referring to the manual when information or more detail is required according to the situation. This article has changed the way of how I will be reading manuals (not only my camera’s one) in general. Just to summarize, reading an instruction manual is not a one-off event, you will need to read it several times.