Golden Gate

San Francisco in one day

A few weeks ago, I started writing articles for a travel photography website called: THE LOVE FOR TRAVELLING, THE PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (MADE IN MELBOURNE AND AROUND THE GLOBE)

My first article it was about: San Francisco in one day – A photography journey and I would like to share some of the article here:

San Francisco is a beautiful city located in the north of the State of California with a lot of things to do and visit. I started my day walking on the piers area where you can find a large variety of restaurants and shops along with the stunning view of the bay. I would recommend going to Pier 39 which is a shopping centre and popular tourist attraction built on top of a pier. At afternoon, you can see a colony of sea lions lying on the docks taking a sunbath.SanFrancisco-034

If you keep walking on direction to the Golden Gate Bridge which you won’t be able to miss it then you will reach the San Francisco Maritime National Park where you can take some nice photos of the city skyline and the Golden Gate.SanFrancisco-048

Another thing that you must do while in San Francisco is to jump into the Cable Car which is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. It is also a good way to see the city from a different perspective and quite fun since it is open and a fantastic way to capture some amazing photos. I would recommend to get the cable car from the station near to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and go all the way to the city Downtown.