Read The Fine Manual – RTFM

Normally the last thing that anyone checks when opening a box with a new gadget or product is the Instruction Manual. I have to admit it that I have made also the same mistake several times.

Why is a mistake? Because in order to get the most of your product (camera in this case) you will need to get familiar with all the features and buttons as well functions and the instruction manual is the place to start.


If you read any blog or book with the best tips to get the most of your DSLR camera, one of them will be to read the manual, so since it is quite obvious to do that, are we really doing this? Are we spending time reading all the instruction manual on a printed or digital format? If not, we should do it. It won’t be a waste of time and you will be more confident with your gear.

Let’s be honest, if you are reading this (or any other blogs) you have some kind of passion for reading documents and your instruction manual will be (from my perspective) the most important document/book/magazine that you have read recently.