Best way to see Boston in one day

Have you asked yourself what is the best way to see Boston in one day? If so, you have to visit my latest article that I wrote for the travel website: : THE LOVE FOR TRAVELLING, THE PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (MADE IN MELBOURNE AND AROUND THE GLOBE) about Boston in one day – A photography journey.  I am sharing here some of the content of the article:

I started my day in Cambridge area, very famous because of the well-known universities but did you know that Boston has 27 colleges and universities inside its city limits and the surrounding areas have 40 more, educating more that 100,000 students. With a lot of universities in the area, I went to the most famous (according to me): Harvard.


Harvard, established in 1636 across the Charles River in Cambridge, is respected world wide as an outstanding institution of learning. Eight signatories of the Declaration of Independence and six presidents were educated here. Harvard is different in that its campus is actually Harvard Square, which is a colorful meeting place with coffee shops, boutiques, book stores and sidewalk performers.


Now, it is time to go to Boston downtown and my first stop will be Boston Common with over 50 acres of green lawns (although they weren’t green since spring it was just kicking out and after a really tough winter), magnificent trees and serene waterways, is America’s oldest public park.


In this public park, you can also find the New State House, completed in 1798 and it is the oldest building in Beacon Hill and it serves as the seat of Massachusetts state government, and is regarded as one of most beautiful and well-situated buildings in the country.


You can also find the equestrian statue of George Washington in the Boston common as well a bronze statue of Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings from the famous children’s picture book: Make Way for Ducklings. Both statues  normally get dressed according to the occasion or sports/weather season.




A few photos of the city skyline can be taken from South Boston where you can see also part of the Boston Harbour.